IRIE, tells the tale of Noel “King Sporty” Williams, an influential and colorful shadow figure whose work has had a tremendous influence on the global music scene over the past five decades. From modest beginnings in Jamaica, he was instrumental in bringing Reggae to America. A close friend of Bob Marley, he co-wrote his most influential and famous song “Buffalo Soldier”.
Moving to Miami in the 70’s, King Sporty was part of the TK Records family and contributed to the creation of funk, disco and Miami bass. He married his life-long soulmate, R&B queen Betty Wright to create a music dynasty that remains relevant today with Justin Timberlake sampling his music for “That Girl” in 2013 and Drake for “Hotline Bling” in 2016.

Irie the film (journey of a king)

Director: Noel Osborne

Producers: E. Thompson, Noel Osborne, John Adams, Noel G Williams

Executive Producers: Anthony C.H. Lok, James Cotten, Dozan Miki

Co-Producer: Edwin Diaz

Production Companies: Playa Vista Entertainment, Path Bender